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Downtown/Old Town Toronto Stroll

Dollar CA$38.95

User All Ages

Clock 2 Hours

Users Up to 16 People

Dollar From CA$79.95 | User All Ages | Clock 2.5 Hours

Join your guide to discover some of the most amazing and amusing stories of Canada’s largest city! You’ll see many of the city’s most important sites including the CN Tower, Scotiabank Arena (home of the NHL’s Maple Leafs and NBA’s Toronto Raptors), historic St. Lawrence Market, Hockey Hall of Fame, and we’ll get off the beaten path to explore sites of significance to some of Toronto’s biggest celebrities.


Join your guide to discover the most amazing and amusing stories of Canada’s largest city! You’ll see the most important landmarks in Toronto including the CN Tower, Maple Leaf Gardens and Scotiabank Arena (the former and current homes of the NHL’s Maple Leafs and NBA’s Toronto Raptors), charming Distillery District historic site, bustling Chinatown and Kensington Market, and will get off the beaten path into the quiet, tree-lined residential neighbourhoods to learn about the celebrities who have called Toronto home.

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Passionate Experts

On our Ultimate Toronto Tour you’ll meet our most veteran and experienced guides. Endlessly knowledgeable about our city, they are devoted to showing you what makes Toronto special.

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A Diverse City

According to the UN, Toronto is the most diverse city on the planet! We skip the dry historical soundbites and focus on the engaging stories, dynamic people, and critical moments that helped define this dynamic, cosmopolitan metropolis.

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Get Oriented

Our friendly, professionally-trained staff will help you navigate the city, answer your questions, and offer personalised recommendations for after your tour – giving you the best possible start to your time in Toronto.

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Giving Back

A portion of your ticket purchase is donated to heritage preservation, which means you are helping to maintain some of Canada’s most significant landmarks, structures, and historic sites for future generations to explore and enjoy. 

About Us

Our name is inspired by the Labrador Retriever. As North America’s most popular dog, Labs are friendly, kind, and intelligent, with an excellent temperament. Also known for their reliability and leadership, they are all that we hope our leaders will be to our guests!

Owner-operators Ben and John together have over 40 years’ experience in the tourism industry, running some of the most popular and highest-rated tours in Canada and the United States.

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Amazing Tour!

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Very knowledgeable guides

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A terrific way to learn about Toronto!!

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Fun for the family

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